Enabling Greater Self-Reliance Among Citizens in Emergency Scenarios

In the event of a dire emergency every second counts for first responders and rapid, accurate information delivery is the key to a successful rescue. Today’s antiquated 911 systems, which were originally developed in the late 60s, are rooted in dated technology and do not provide the information rescuers require for swift action.

GeoVisible is the latest breakthrough in emergency response solutions. Do you have a flat tire on a remote highway? Help is on the way. Are you experiencing a medical emergency? A trained medic in your vicinity has been notified. The GeoVisible mobile app provides an entire suite of services to ensure the safety of your family and your community by connecting you with law enforcement, medical first responders, volunteer first responders and each other.

Finally, there is new solution that empowers consumers to take safety into their own hands. The GeoVisible Mobile App will enable greater self-reliance among citizens in emergency scenarios and will provide first responders with more detailed and accurate information needed for a rapid, lifesaving response.